Which anxiety disorders can VirtualRet treats?

VirtualRet treats the most common anxiety disorders: agoraphobia, glossophobia, fear of flying, acrophobia, blood/injection/injury phobia, agoraphobia, and animal phobia.

Who is VirtualRET for?

Virtualret is designed for clinical use, so it is aimed at mental health professionals (psychologists, psychotherapist and psychiatrists). The platform must be used and monitored under medical supervision.

What do I need to use VirtualRet?

Virtualret just needs:

  • A computer monitor
  • Windows PC
  • A software license
  • Head mounted diplay (optional)

Does it have scientific support?

The potential of using VR technology in health care has been widely recognized. There are a large number of case studies and publications that prove the efficiency of virtual reality exposure versus in vivo exposure.

How can I buy it?

Please contact us from our contact section , phone us: (+34) 946 452 130.  A consultant will contact you to give you all the information you need to purchase VirtualRet.

Can I buy VirtualRet outside Spain?

If you would like to buy VirtualRET, please send an e-mail to: virtualret@virtualwaregroup.com or call us on +34 946 452 130. In some countries, we have a specialized distributor; please see our distributor page if you would like to order VirtualRET in Peru, Colombia or France.